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The best treatment of burn and scald
News Source:News Date:2014/9/20 18:07:58
  The best treatment of burn and scald occurred after is the local cooling, rinse with cold water is the most practical, the most feasible. The flushing time of the earlier the better, the Hongkong ambulance rental even burn at the time that has caused the skin off, also should take cold water wash, do not fear infection and dare not flush. The flushing time sustainable for half an hour or so, to escape the cold source after the pain has been significantly reduced shall prevail.
  If not quickly close to water sources, can also use ice, ice lolly and even the fridge cold frozen pork. Take appropriate measures such as cryotherapy, can significantly reduce the local exudation, save not completely damaged tissue cells, if we take this measure on arrival at the hospital, have lost the best opportunity of cryotherapy in most cases.
  Chemical burn caused by these acid, alkali, early treatment is to rinse, and should be based on a large flow of water to wash, but must find this chemical neutralization agent. Early application of neutralizing agent, because the neutralization heat production and the increase of local tissue injury.
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